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FirstName CapressoCoffee
LastName Maker
OrganisationName CapressoCoffee
Profession Designer
Country USA
InstantMessaging (IM)
Comment Compare with other home appliance manufacturers, Capresso is a new player in the industry. But their products' performances are undoubted. Capresso coffee machine has the ability to give you a cup of drink with optimal taste and aroma. The secret is high-pressure brewed system that can extract flavor thoroughly from the beans. Moreover, Capresso's product also offers other benefits that make it irresistible for all caffeine lovers.

One of the most interesting features from this machine is built-in burr grinder. Unlike blade grinder type that makes your coffee taste bitter and produces inconsistent particles, burr grinder gives you perfect ground without changing its flavor. This machine also completed with LCD monitor that allows you to set the timer and control the program. You can choose the amount of the cup, grain quality, and exact time when you want the coffee to be ready through this LCD display. You also don't have to worry about drinking cold leftover anymore because it has thermal carafe that keeps your beverage warm for hours.

As for filter, Capresso uses charcoal water filter. This filter is well known for its ability to provide cleaner and safer water. Impurities from water can harmful to your body as well as affect your coffee flavor. Thus, by using this filter, you can less concern about those issues.

Not only come up with great feature and technology, Capresso coffee maker also has sleek and elegant design that will make you proud to show it off in your kitchen. This machine is built with durable material too that makes it easy to be cleaned and maintained. With all those good things to offer, Capresso is a good company in your daily caffeine experience.
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