MITOMAP References for RNA Mutation A5559G

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 31965079 2020 Wong, L. C., Chen, T., Wang, J., Tang, S., Schmitt, E. S., Landsverk, M., Li, F., Wang, Y., Zhang, S., Zhang, V. W., Craigen, W. J. (2020) Interpretation of mitochondrial tRNA variants Genetics in Medicine 22 (5): 917-926; Suppl Table 1 .
2 19349200 2009 Mkaouar-Rebai, E., Chamkha, I., Kammoun, F., Kammoun, T., Aloulou, H., Hachicha, M., Triki, C., Fakhfakh, F. (2009) Two new mutations in the MT-TW gene leading to the disruption of the secondary structure of the tRNA(Trp) in patients with Leigh syndrome Molecular Genetics and Metabolism . 97 (3): 179-184 .
3 23301511 2013 Mkaouar-Rebai, E., Chamkha, I., Mezghani, N., Ben Ayed, I., Fakhfakh, F. (2013) Screening of mitochondrial mutations in Tunisian patients with mitochondrial disorders: an overview study Mitochondrial DNA . 24 (3): 163-178 .