MITOMAP References for RNA Mutation A5889G

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 31965079 2020 Wong, L. C., Chen, T., Wang, J., Tang, S., Schmitt, E. S., Landsverk, M., Li, F., Wang, Y., Zhang, S., Zhang, V. W., Craigen, W. J. (2020) Interpretation of mitochondrial tRNA variants Genetics in Medicine 22 (5): 917-926; Suppl Table 1 .
2 33279411 2020 Kripps, K. A., Friederich, M. W., Chen, T., Larson, A. A., Mirsky, D. M., Wang, Y., Tanji, K., Knight, K. M., Wong, L. J., Van Hove, J. L. K. (2020) A novel acceptor stem variant in mitochondrial tRNA(Tyr) impairs mitochondrial translation and is associated with a severe phenotype Molecular Genetics and Metabolism . 131 (4): 398-404 .