MITOMAP References for Variant G4450A at 4450

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PMID Reference
9384601 Sternberg, D., Danan, C., Lombes, A., Laforet, P., Girodon, E., Goossens, M., Amselem, S. (1998) Exhaustive scanning approach to screen all the mitochondrial tRNA genes for mutations and its application to the investigation of 35 independent patients with mitochondrial disorders Human Molecular Genetics . 7 (1): 33-42 .
11335700 Sternberg, D., Chatzoglou, E., Laforet, P., Fayet, G., Jardel, C., Blondy, P., Fardeau, M., Amselem, S., Eymard, B., Lombes, A. (2001) Mitochondrial DNA transfer RNA gene sequence variations in patients with mitochondrial disorders Brain . 124 (Pt 5): 984-994 .
30739820 Kuwajima, M., Goto, M., Kurane, K., Shimbo, H., Omika, N., Jimbo, E. F., Muramatsu, K., Tajika, M., Shimura, M., Murayama, K., Kurosawa, K., Yamagata, T., Osaka, H. (2019) MELAS syndrome with m.4450 G>A mutation in mitochondrial tRNA(Met) gene Brain and Development . 41 (5): 465-469 .
30952460 Finsterer, J. (2019) Exclusive affection of the brain in m.4450G>A carriers rather suggests Leigh syndrome than MELAS Brain and Development . 41 (8): 741 .