MITOMAP References for mtDNA Deletion: 7815:15389 -7565 D, 8/8 7816-7823/15381-15388 1

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 2550906 1990 Mita, S., Rizzuto, R., Moraes, C.T., Shanske, S., Arnaudo, E., Fabrizi, G.M., Koga, Y., DiMauro, S., Schon, E.A. (1990) Recombination via flanking direct repeats is a major cause of large-scale deletions of human mitochondrial DNA Nucleic Acids Research . 18 (3): 561-567 .
2 28296806 2018 Kozak, I., Oystreck, D. T., Abu-Amero, K. K., Nowilaty, S. R., Alkhalidi, H., Elkhamary, S. M., Mohamed, S., Hamad, M. H. A., Salih, M. A., Blakely, E. L., Taylor, R. W., Bosley, T. M. (2018) New observations regarding the retinopathy of genetically confirmed Kearns-Sayre Syndrome Retinal Cases and Brief Reports . 12 (4): 349-358 .