MITOMAP References for Low Resolution Restriction Sites for Enzyme Ava I

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 2903249 1988 Poulton, J., Turnbull, D. M., Mehta, A. B., Wilson, J., Gardiner, R. M. (1988) Restriction enzyme analysis of the mitochondrial genome in mitochondrial myopathy Journal of Medical Genetics . 25 (9): 600-605 .
2 1968708 1990 Schurr, T.G., Ballinger, S.W., Gan, Y.Y., Hodge, J.A., Merriwether, D.A., Lawrence, D.N., Knowler, W.C., Weiss, K.M., Wallace, D.C. (1990) Amerindian mitochondrial DNAs have rare Asian mutations at high frequencies, suggesting they derived from four primary maternal lineages American Journal of Human Genetics . 46 (3): 613-623 .