MITOMAP References for mtDNA Deletion: 10676:14868 -4191 D, 11/11 10666-10676/14856-14866 2

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2243133 Rotig, A., Cormier, V., Blanche, S., Bonnefont, J.P., Ledeist, F., Romero, N., Schmitz, J., Rustin, P., Fischer, A., Saudubray, J.M. (1990) Pearson's marrow-pancreas syndrome. A multi-system mitochondrial disorder in infancy Journal of Clinical Investigation . 86 (-): 1601-1608 .
NA Bakare, A. B., Daniel, J., Stabach, J., Rojas, A., Bell, A., Henry, B., Iyer, S. (2021) Quantifying mitochondrial dynamics in patient fibroblasts with multiple developmental defects and mitochondrial disorders International Journal of Molecular Sciences . 22 (12): 6263 .