MITOMAP References for RNA Mutation A856G

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 8728098 1996 Sawano, T., Tanaka, M., Ohno, K., Yoneda, M., Ota, Y., Terasaki, H., Awaya, S., Ozawa, T. (1996) Mitochondrial DNA mutations associated with the 11778 mutation in Leber's disease Biochemistry and Molecular Biology International (Sydney) . 38 (4): 693-700 .
2 19703591 2010 Tanaka, N., Goto, Y. I., Akanuma, J., Kato, M., Kinoshita, T., Yamashita, F., Tanaka, M., Asada, T. (2010) Mitochondrial DNA variants in a Japanese population of patients with Alzheimer's disease Mitochondrion . 10 (1): 32-37 .
3 20100600 2010 Lu, J., Li, Z., Zhu, Y., Yang, A., Li, R., Zheng, J., Cai, Q., Peng, G., Zheng, W., Tang, X., Chen, B., Chen, J., Liao, Z., Yang, L., Li, Y., You, J., Ding, Y., Yu, H., Wang, J., Sun, D., Zhao, J., Xue, L., Wang, J., Guan, M. X. (2010) Mitochondrial 12S rRNA variants in 1642 Han Chinese pediatric subjects with aminoglycoside-induced and nonsyndromic hearing loss Mitochondrion . 10 (4): 380-390 .