MITOMAP References for RNA Mutation T5523G

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 19349200 2009 Mkaouar-Rebai, E., Chamkha, I., Kammoun, F., Kammoun, T., Aloulou, H., Hachicha, M., Triki, C., Fakhfakh, F. (2009) Two new mutations in the MT-TW gene leading to the disruption of the secondary structure of the tRNA(Trp) in patients with Leigh syndrome Molecular Genetics and Metabolism . 97 (3): 179-184 .
2 23301511 2013 Mkaouar-Rebai, E., Chamkha, I., Mezghani, N., Ben Ayed, I., Fakhfakh, F. (2013) Screening of mitochondrial mutations in Tunisian patients with mitochondrial disorders: an overview study Mitochondrial DNA . 24 (3): 163-178 .