MITOMAP References for Variant A-G at 9155

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PMID Reference
27966441 Adema, A. Y., Janssen, M. C., van der Heijden, J. W. (2016) A novel mutation in mitochondrial DNA in a patient with diabetes, deafness and proteinuria The Netherlands Journal of Medicine . 74 (10): 455-457 .
NA Finsterer, J., Zarrouk-Mahjoub, S. (2018) Maternally inherited diabetes and deafness (MIDD) due to the m.9155A>G mutation International Journal of Research Studies in Medical and Health Sciences . 3 (5): 7-8 .
27450679 Sallevelt, S. C., de Die-Smulders, C. E., Hendrickx, A. T., Hellebrekers, D. M., de Coo, I. F., Alston, C. L., Knowles, C., Taylor, R. W., McFarland, R., Smeets, H. J. (2017) De novo mtDNA point mutations are common and have a low recurrence risk Journal of Medical Genetics . 54 (2): 73-83 .