MITOMAP References for RNA Mutation T10454C

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Index PMID Date Reference
1 27498855 2016 Kang, L., Zheng, H. X., Zhang, M., Yan, S., Li, L., Liu, L., Liu, K., Hu, K., Chen, F., Ma, L., Qin, Z., Wang, Y., Wang, X., Jin, L. (2016) MtDNA analysis reveals enriched pathogenic mutations in Tibetan highlanders Scientific Reports . 6 (): 31083 .
2 31965079 2020 Wong, L. C., Chen, T., Wang, J., Tang, S., Schmitt, E. S., Landsverk, M., Li, F., Wang, Y., Zhang, S., Zhang, V. W., Craigen, W. J. (2020) Interpretation of mitochondrial tRNA variants Genetics in Medicine 22 (5): 917-926; Suppl Table 1 .
3 16955413 2006 Young, W. Y., Zhao, L., Qian, Y., Li, R., Chen, J., Yuan, H., Dai, P., Zhai, S., Han, D., Guan, M. X. (2006) Variants in mitochondrial tRNAGlu, tRNAArg, and tRNAThr may influence the phenotypic manifestation of deafness-associated 12S rRNA A1555G mutation in three Han Chinese families with hearing loss American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A . 140 (20): 2188-2197 .
4 19818876 2010 Lu, J., Qian, Y., Li, Z., Yang, A., Zhu, Y., Li, R., Yang, L., Tang, X., Chen, B., Ding, Y., Li, Y., You, J., Zheng, J., Tao, Z., Zhao, F., Wang, J., Sun, D., Zhao, J., Meng, Y., Guan, M. X. (2010) Mitochondrial haplotypes may modulate the phenotypic manifestation of the deafness-associated 12S rRNA 1555A>G mutation Mitochondrion . 10 (1): 69-81 .
5 22538251 2012 Zheng, J., Ji, Y., Guan, M. X. (2012) Mitochondrial tRNA mutations associated with deafness Mitochondrion . 12 (3): 406-413 .