Structural Nuclear Genes in Mitochondrial Disease

Last update: March 2012

Complex Name OMIM Function Chromosome Inheritance Clinical Phenotype References
I NDUFS1 157655 IP fraction 2q33-q34 AR Leigh Syndrome (17)
I NDUFS2 602985 IP fraction 1q23 AR Encephalopathy, Cardiomyopathy (18)
I NDUFS3 603846 IP fraction 11p11.11 AR Leigh Syndrome (11)
I NDUFS4 602694 IP fraction 5q11.1 AR Leigh Syndrome (23)
I NDUFS6 603848 IP fraction 5pter-p15.33 AR Fatal Infantile Lactic Acidosis (5,12)
I NDUFS7 601825 HP fraction 19p13.3 AR Leigh Syndrome (21)
I NDUFS8 602141 HP fraction 11q13 AR Leigh Syndrome (13,22)
I NDUFB3 603839 HP fraction 2q31.3 AR Fatal Infantile Lactic Acidosis (1)
I NDUFV1 161015 FP fraction 11q13 AR Leigh Syndrome (21)
I NDUFV2 600532 FP fraction 18p11 AR Cardiomyopathy, hypotonia, encephalopathy (14)
I NDUFA1 300078 HP fraction Xq24 X Leigh Syndrome, Progressive neurodegenerative disorder (4, 10)
I NDUFA2 602137 HP fraction 5q31.2 AR Leigh Syndrome (8)
I NDUFA10 603835 HP fraction 2q37.3 AR Leigh Syndrome (2)
I NDUFA11 612638 IP fraction 19p13.3 AR Fatal Infantile Lactic Acidosis Encephalocardiomyopathy (7)
II SDH-A 600857 FP subunit 5p15 AR Leigh Syndrome (24)
II SDH-B 185470 IP subunit 1p36.1-p35 AD Phaeochromocytoma and paraganglioma (16)
II SDH-C 602413 Membrane subunit 1q21 AD Autosomal dominant paraganglioma type 3 (20)
II SDH-D 602690 Membrane subunit 11q23 AD Autosomal dominant paraganglioma type 1, Pheochromocytoma (19)
III UQCRB 191330 electron transfer 8q22 AR Hypoglycemia, Lactic acidosis (15)
III UQCRQ 612080 electron transfer 5q31.1 AR Severe neurological phenotype (6)
IV COX6B1 124089 Cytochrome oxidase activity 19q13.1 AR Encephalomyopathy (9)
V ATP5E 606153 ATPase activity 20q13.3 AR Lactic acidosis, mental retardation, peripheral neuropathy (3)

FP: Complex I or II flavoprotein fraction; IP: Complex I or II iron-sulfur protein fraction; HP: Complex I hydrophobic protein; AR: Autosomal Recessive; AD: Autosomal Dominant; X: X-linked


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