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Release notes.
Set it up in minutes: popup calendar, flat calendar. Other samples: special days, day info, multiple dates selection
Documentation: HTML, PDF.

Popup examples

Date #1: %Y-%m-%d [%W] %H:%M -- single click
Date #2: %a, %b %e, %Y [%I:%M %p] -- double click

this select should hide when the calendar is above it.

Date #3: %d/%m/%Y -- single click
Date #4: %A, %B %e, %Y -- double click

This is release 1.0. Works on MSIE/Win 5.0 or better (really), Opera 7+, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 6.x, 7.0 and all other Gecko-s, Konqueror and Safari.

Keyboard navigation

Starting with version 0.9.2, you can also use the keyboard to select dates (only for popup calendars; does not work with Opera 7 or Konqueror/Safari). The following keys are available:

  • , , , -- select date
  • CTRL + , -- select month
  • CTRL + , -- select year
  • SPACE -- go to today date
  • ENTER -- accept the currently selected date
  • ESC -- cancel selection
Flat calendar

A non-popup version will appear below as soon as the page is loaded. Note that it doesn't show the week number.


The example above uses the setDisabledHandler() member function to setup a handler that would only enable days withing a range of 10 days, forward or backward, from the current date.

© dynarch.com 2002-2005
Author: Mihai Bazon
Distributed under the GNU LGPL.

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