Report date: 2024-06-14

Mitomap's Confirmed Pathogenic Mutations

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The data are derived from 61124 GenBank sequences with size greater than 15.4kbp and 80432 Control Region sequences with size 0.4-1.6k bp. These sequences have been pre-loaded into Mitomaster and represent almost all haplogroups known to date. We will be updating and refining this set of sequences on a regular basis. As a caveat, please note that GenBank sequences may not be of equal quality (Yao, et al, 2009), that some of these sequences are from individuals with past, current or future disease, and that this portion of our data set has not been hand-curated by Mitomap.

For more details about the current GenBank sequence set, please see

ClinGen Pathogenicity Rating NEW

As a member of the mtDNA Variant Curation Expert Panel for ClinGen, we are adding the calculated ClinGen pathogenicity ratings after VCEP curation. This will be shown in brackets in the Status column, for example, "Reported [VUS]", "Cfrm [LP]", etc., as the ClinGen scoring becomes available. The ClinGen VCEP may update this scoring from time to time if additional supporting evidence is published. The following abbreviations are used: B, Benign; LB, Likely Benign; VUS, Variant of Uncertain Significance; LP, Likely Pathogenic; P, Pathogenic. The criteria used in the ClinGen curations may be found in McCormick et al, 2020, DOI: 10.1002/humu.24107. Note that the ClinGen scoring gives fewer points than Mitomap does for many types of evidence, e.g., cybrid & other functional studies, in-silico tools, absence in large databases, heteroplasmy, de-novo requirements, and case numbers.

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