MITOMAP: Common Continent-Specific mtDNA Variants

Last Edited: Jun 01, 2003
Haplogroup Continent mtDNA Variants Continental mtDNA
"AFRICA","L","3592+ HpaI","76""EUROPE","H","7025- AluI","39""EUROPE","I","1715- DdeI; 10032+ AluI; 4529- HaeII; 8249+ AvaII; 16389+ BamHI/MboI","7""EUROPE","J","13704- BstNI; 16065- HinfI","9""EUROPE","K","9052- HaeII/HhaI","8""EUROPE","Total","","63""ASIA","A","663+ HaeIII","12""ASIA","B","8271-8281 9bp deletion; 16517+ HaeIII","4""ASIA","F","12406- HpaI/HincII; 16517+ HaeIII","4""ASIA","M","10394+ DdeI; 10397+ AluI","57""ASIA","M-C","13259-/13262+ HincII/AluI","21""ASIA","M-D","5176- AluI","14""ASIA","Total","","77""AMERICA","A (Amerinds)","663+ HaeIII","44""AMERICA","A (Na-Dene)","663+ HaeIII; 16329- RsaI","29""AMERICA","B (Amerinds)","8271-8281 9bp deletion; 16517+ HaeIII","22""AMERICA","M-C (Amerinds)","13259-/13262+ HincII/AluI","18""AMERICA","M-D (Amerinds)","5176- AluI","16""AMERICA","Total","","100""GLOBAL TOTAL:","AFRICA + EUROPE + [ASIA + AMERICA]","","72"


Common sequence variants readily detected by restriction endonuclease digestion. Haplogroup nomenclature and frequencies correspond to (references) Chen, Torroni, Wallace, unpublished data, ( references ).
Other studies which have screened populations for these ethnic specific markets are:
  1. Africa (L): references
  2. Europe (H, I, J, K): references
  3. Asia (B): references
  4. America (A): references
  5. America (B): references
  6. America (M-C, M-D): references
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