MITOMAP: mtDNA Simple Insertions

Last Edited: May 02, 2008

Parental Molecule Insert Size (bp) Insert (nt) Insert Point (nt) Flanking Repeats N References
"Complete (16.5 kb)","+4","CCCC","8277 MT-CO2/MT-TK (Intergenic region)","NR","4","3""Complete (16.5 kb)","+~5","CCCCC","956-965 MT-RNR1","NR","1","1""Complete (16.5 kb)","+~12","CCCCCCCCCCCC","5895-5899 MT-TY/MT-CO1 (Intergenic region)","NR","3","1""Complete (16.5 kb)","+266","308-573 D-Loop region","573 D-Loop region","D, 7/7","25","4""Complete (16.5 kb)","+~200","302-493 D-Loop region","493 D-Loop region","D, 7/7","28","1""Complete (16.5 kb)","+9","additional [CCCCCTCTA] resulting in three 9-bp repeats","8272 MT-CO2/MT-TK (Intergenic region)","NR","3","2"


  • D = direct repeat, homology as specified.
  • NR = no repeat found.
  • N = number of subjects in which the insertion has been detected.
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