MITOMAP: Polymorphic MtDNA Low Resolution Restriction Sites

Detected by Low Resolution Screening of Human Populations

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Last Edited: Jun 01, 2003
Enzyme Cut Sequence Low Resolution Restriction Sites References
1Bgl I GCCNNNNNGGC ~ references
1BstEII GGTNACC +184 references
1BstNI CCRGG +319,-8991,+10094,-13704,+15045,+15728,+16502 references
1BstXI CCANNNNNNTGG ~ references
1Dde I CTNAG +15754 references
1Dra I TTTAAA ~ references
1EcoRI GAATTC -4121 references
1EcoRV GATATC +16274 references
1Fnu4HI GCNGC +260,-13708 references
1FnuDII CGCG +13939 references
2Hae II PGCGCQ +1300,-4529,+4830,+8268,+8988,+8991,-9052,+9250,+9266,+9689,+9700,+11001,-13594,-14858,+15552 references
2Hae III GGCC +576,+663,-1463,+1515,+3090,-3315,+3391,-3427,-3607,+4092,+4793,-4848,-5261,-6260,+6333,+6425,+7041,+7976,-8250,-8391,-8572,-8994,-9438,+10097,+10289,-13702,+13803,+14279,+14749,-15047,-15152,-15172,+15431,+16254,+16398,+16517,+16534 references
2Hha I GCGC +255,+4831,-7598,+7828,+8858,-9053,-9380,+9400,+12501,-13595,+13940 references
2HincII GTQPAC -1004,+1106,-5917,-7853,+8638,+12114,-12406,-13259,-13634,+16062,+16200 references
2HindIII AAGCTT +4582,+9736 references
2HinfI GANTC -4360,+7902,+8750,-8783,+9376,+12192,+13605,-14976,-15234,-15723,+16389 references
2Hpa I GTTAAC +1004,+3592,+12026,+12114,-12406 references
2HphI GGTGA +184 references
2Kpn I GGTACC -16129,+16133 references
2Mae I CTAG +4914 references
3Mbo I GATC +8,-7859,+8565,-8592,+13116,+16215,+16398 references
3Mnl I CCTC -144,+16185,-16187,-16222,+16355 references
3Msp I CCGG -104,+496,-931,+4241,-4711,-5742,+7977,-8112,-8150,+8646,+11170,+11436,+11454,-12123,+12813,+13070,+13100,+13496,-13712,+14205,+15485,+15503,+15510,-15925,-16453 references
3Nci I CCSGG -13364 references
3Nco I CCATGG +6900 references
3Nde I CATATG ~ references
3Nla III CATG +4216 references
3Pst I CTGCAG +7364,+16200 references
3Pvu II CAGCTG +981,+12751 references
3Rsa I GTAC -1307,+1315,+2120,-3337,+4621,+5009,+8356,-8998,+15282,-15812,+15949,-16049,-16096,-16208,-16303,-16310 references
4Sac I GAGCTC -9643 references
4Sau96I GGNCC +16516 references
4Sca I AGTACT +4740,-9745 references
4Ssp I AATATT ~ references
4Stu I AGGCCT +7196,-13701,-15046 references
4Taq I TCGA +7214,+8022,+10084,-10180,-11421,+14158,+16217,+16278 references
4Xba I TCTAGA -7440,-10256 references
4Xho I CTCGAG +9736,+12500,+14157 references
Acc I GTVWAC +13635,+14550,-15254 references
Alu I AGCT +8678,-14015,-14304 references
Apa I GGGCCC -8249 references
Ava I CQCGPG ~ references
Ava II GGRCC +1830,+3876,+4280,+4308,+4346,+4432,+4776,+4811,+5229,+5260,+6000,+6324,+6382,+6700,+7804,+8229,+8249,+8270,+8391,+8400,+12130,+12191,-12629,-13367,+14258,+14400,+14900,+15487,+15490,+15499,+15882,+15890,-16390,+16503 references
BamHI GGATCC +13366,-14258,+16389,+16491 references
Ban I GGQPCC +4632 references
Ban II GPGCQC -8249 references
Bcl I TGATCA +6459,-7657,-8591,+14221,+16144,+16397 references


These sites have been assigned either by restriction analysis of the entire mtDNA and Southern blots and are accurate to varying degrees, or by restrictioin analysis of short portions of the mtDNA. Restriction sites separated by a slash indicate that the mutation could have occured in one or the other of the listed sites. The symbol "~" indicates that the site gain is somewhere near the indicated nucleotide position. Each nucleotide listed is the first nucleotide of the restriction endonuclease recognition sequence, Genbank NC_012920. Codes for recognition sites are: N=A/G/C/T; P=A/G; Q=C/T; S=C/G; W=G/T; V=A/C. Some references were not included because polymorphic sites were not mapped.
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