Unpublished Variant 20021231007

This is a record of an observed human mtDNA variant submitted to MITOMAP

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  • Submitted by: Baig, Mumtaz K
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Citing this variant:
Baig, Mumtaz K; Varsha, Niyaz 2003. MITOMAP mtDNA Sequence Data, https://mitomap.org/foswiki/bin/view/MITOMAP/Submissions/20021231007

VariantSubmissionForm edit

LastName Baig
FirstName Mumtaz
MiddleName K
Email samiramumtaz@rediffmail.com
OrganizationName Dept. of Zoology, Govt.Vidarbha Institute of Science & Humanities
Country India
Address Habib Nagar.No.1, Walgaon Road, Amravati - 444601
PILastName Baig
PIFirstName Mumtaz
PIEmail samiramumtaz@rediffmail.com
OtherContributor Varsha, Niyaz
PolymorphismPosition 163
Polymorphism G
AlleleType polymorphism
NAChange A-G
AAChange noncod
Locus D-Loop
Detection automated
SampleID MG1
Tissue blood
Phenotype Normal
Ethnicity Madia Gond tribe
Origin India
Haplogroup -
Comment -
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