Geek Transformation Plan

(How to become a Geek while working at CMEM)

Basic Programming & Familiarity with Informatics at CMEM
  • TWiki
  • Postgres client tool
  • basic SQL
  • OpenOffice database connection
  • OpenOffice programming
  • OpenOffice dialogs and forms
MITOMAP port, freezer database, mitocurator

Intermediate Programming
  • basic perl (executable and resources)
  • perl modules & CPAN
  • DBI
  • subversion
mitoextractor, mitotree

Web Programming
  • HTML & forms
  • basic javascript
  • client side programming
  • SSH
  • HTTP, Apache, mod_perl
  • server side programming

Database Development
  • data modeling
  • database objects (tables, procedures, triggers, domains)
  • intermediate SQL
  • procedural database language programming
freezer database, mitonuc

Advanced Geekery
  • Database/Server Administration
  • AJAX development
  • Programming Styles
  • Design Patterns
  • Frameworks

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