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To Do

Migration to New Server
  • Use the 'Index' button in the sidebar to get a list of all topics
  • Move topics:
    • move the content
    • make any name changes:
      •  %TWIKIWEB% --> %SYSTEMWEB% 
      •  %MAINWEB% --> %USERSWEB% 
      •  Mitomap --> MITOMAP 
      •  Mitomaster --> MITOMASTER  
      •  Mitowiki --> MITOWIKI  
      •  Mitomed --> MITOMED  
    • adjust the breadcrumb
    • make sure the new page looks like the original
  • Move attachments
    • attach attachments to the page where they are displayed
    • if an attachment is hidden in the original page then make sure it is hidden in the new page
  • Ignore these topics:
    • those beginning with Web (e.g. WebTopBar, WebPreferences, etc.)
    • MITOMAP topics ending in Table (e.g. ComplexRearrangementsTable) - these are generated programmatically
    • MITOMAP.mitomap_error
  • Move content only from these webs and in this order:
    • CMEM
    • Samples
    • I'll take care of Main, MITOWIKI, and MITOMASTER

To Do
  • move MITOWIKI topics (singularly or in bulk)
  • update the user topic template and move users
  • notify MITOMED of updating their content (transferring attachments)
  • check every page for broken links (look for the question marks)
  • do a final update on these pages:
    • biglist.html, biglist_A_L.html and biglist_M_Z.html (These are on the old MITOMAP system - the version before it was moved into the wiki)

(Work on the stuff below after the move to the new server)

  • rRNA/tRNA structural diagrams (we need to talk about this one)

Topic revision: r1 - 12 Feb 2016, MartyBrandon

POLG Server

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