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1 patient data entry collated from reference Bolszak et al, 2009.

allele 1allele 2
Clinical representationSymptomsAge groupPatient ageAge of onsetAge of death
Onset at 4 months with generalized tonic-clonic seizure, evolved to status epilepticus, treated with valproate, Progressive encephalopathy, and psychomotor development deficient by age 2, mentally retarded, ataxic and hyperkinetic. At the last follow-up visit at age 17 years, he was severely retarded, autistic, and ataxic. During 12 months of valproate treatment serum alanine aminotransferase (ALAT) increased from 29 to 71 U/L (normal < 40 U/L), and after discontinuation of the medication, ALAT values varied between 5 and 12 U/L.
-status epilepticus

1-5 pathogenic cluster assignment of mutations. Mutations displayed without a superscript number are outside of the assigned pathogenic clusters. See cluster definitions for details.

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